A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Empty yourself

Keep working on being nothing, so that God can do everything in you!

If there is less of you, there is more room for God!

Empty yourself! 

What is holding you down?

What do you need most to be uplifted?

Now walk the walk!


Book of Azariah page 282-283

Mary defeated Satan before Our Lord did in the Desert!  She exulted with humility even in her misery!

“Mary Most Holy had this joy. From her birth to her ascent she had it on the Earth, even amidst the tears of her long Calvary as the Mother of Christ, even under the sea of torment of the Calvary of her Son. In her pain, which was unlike all others, she had the exultant joy of doing, to the point of complete sacrifice, what God wanted, what God showed Her that He sought from Her since He clothed Her with the robes of salvation and covered Her with the mantle of justice like a bride adorned with jewels.

"Do you gauge what Mary's fall would have been if, having received the Immaculate Conception, justice, and every other divine jewel, She had trampled upon everything to follow the voice of the eternal Corruptor? Do you gauge its depth? There would no longer have been redemption for men, no longer Heaven for men, no longer possession of God for men. Mary has given you all this because with the true joy of the humble She wore her robes as the Dearly Beloved of the Eternal and sang his praise, his alone, even amidst the sobs and desolation of the Passion.

"She exulted! What a profound word! She always exulted, magnifying her Lord with her spirit, even when her humanity experienced the mockery of a whole people and She was submerged and crushed by her pain and the pain of her Son. She exulted, considering that her pain and the pain of her Jesus gave glory to God by saving men for God.

"Above the sobs of the Mother, above her laments as the Woman, there sang the joy of her spirit as Co-Redemptrix. It sang with submission to that hour, with hope in the words of Wisdom, with the love that blessed God for having pierced Her.

"The long passion of Mary completed Mary, joining to the great things God had done in Her the great things She was able to do for the Lord. Truly, while her entrails as the Mother cried out the agony of her torture, her faithful spirit sang, 'I exalt you, 0 Lord, for You have protected me and have not allowed my enemies to rejoice over me.'

"Do you see what humility? Anyone else would have said, 'I am happy to have been able to remain faithful even in the trial. I am happy to have done the Will of God.' They are not sinful words. But a thread of pride is still in them. 'I am happy because I have done.' The creature's self feels itself to be the only author of the good accomplished. Mary Most Holy says, 'I exalt You because You have protected me.' She credits God with having kept Her holy in those hours of struggle.

"God had prepared a worthy dwelling for his Word. But Mary was able to maintain that dwelling worthy of God, who was to incarnate Himself in Her. Imitate Her, 0 creatures. In a lesser measure, as is fitting for you, who do not have to conceive the Christ, but for the sake of all you need to bear Christ in you, God gives you the means and gifts suitable for making you temples and altars. Imitate Mary, being able to maintain the dwelling of your hearts worthy of the Holy One, who asks to enter you to take delight in you and live among the children of men, loved by Him measurelessly.

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