Left to Our Own Devices!  

God has never left us! He has left us to our Own Devices.   And O how we have fallen.  Repent now, and turn back to Christ.!​  

God Is In Your Midst!  

​Do not be consumed by the demon when you have God in your midst!  Stand with Christ and stay there!  Do not wander from the narrow path!   Stand and be United in the light of Christ.  

Faith and Family Are All That Matter!  ​

Faith and family are all that matter!   Anything else will be the means to that end or a false idol.  Be sure you know the difference!  I speak of legacy and stewardship,  Of service and love of God and his commandments.  I speak of family and legacy.  Do not falter in preserving your heavenly inheritance or that of your future generations!  

What is Conversion?

​An Interview with Medjugorje Visionary Vicka FROM BOOK - The Visions of the Children - Janice ConnellQ. Do you know why this is the last time the Blessed Mother will come to earth in an apparition?A. She says she won’t need to come again after the secrets are realized.Q. Mirjana has said that the power of Satan will be broken after the first secret is realized.A. That is right.Q. What does that mean?A. The Blessed Mother calls everyone on earth to immediate conversion now.Q. Vicka, do you know what conversion is?A. Conversion is awareness that we live before the face of God day and night and we are accountable for everything we are and have.”

Peace and Contentment​  

4/18/22  Peace and contentment and joy  Are to be cherished and embellished daily!  Whether others participate or not.  Whether others understand or not.  Whether our circumstances militate against it or not.  Cherish and celebrate the Peace and contentment and joy of being a child of God, living always in his grace!  Glory always in the Lord, with peace and contentment and joy!   


A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

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