A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Muscle Memory​

Think of tying your shoe. You do it without giving any thought to it because it’s a learned thing that you do repeatedly and were taught at a very early age. It’s called muscle memory.


This was taught to me during my martial arts years that you do things repeatedly in a way that commits the action to muscle memory and so in a situation where there is stress,anxiety, severe pain or fear you resort to these fundamental muscle memory activities.


Scripture tells us that Jesus prayed on the cross . But in his extreme agony and suffering he resorted to prayers that he learned at an early age. Prayers taught by him by Mary and Joseph. He reverted back to his muscle memory,,,his earliest foundational prayers that he learned as a child.


Unless we become as children we cannot enter the gates of heaven,, we have to revert back to innocence, purity, simplicity.


The Hail Mary prayer taught by her mother is their prayer which prayed repeatedly and human humbly ask as a protective vestment with each stitch each Hail Mary and also acts as a assault weapon dealing a blow to the head of the demon. The Hail Mary prayer allows us to be the heart in the heel of our mother and protect us into our simultaneously acts as an instrument of her immaculate heart the heart which will try amp over the demon when she crashes his head.


Remember our Lord exulted even in his suffering we too can exult in our suffering when we honor and glorify God through our prayers.

“Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with you.”

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