A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Prepare they Way

 Prepare the Way


How far has the demonic influences removed you from God’s Grace?

How lost are you from the path to your heavenly reward?

How parched and dry is your soul from the lack the living water of the spirit of God and divine love the Father longs to give you?

The Lord stands before you now with arms outstretched offering you his mercy or his justice!

Make no mistake, if you do not humble yourselves and repent, and ask for his mercy, his Justice will be served!

Ready yourselves for his second coming! 

At the time of his coming, there will be great praise and there will be wailing and grinding of teeth!

He will come in his glory to those who repent and prepare the way!

Shed the wounds of this world and the false idols of your own volition!

Live in the Spirit of God, in the eternal now, and ready the way for the Kingdom of Christ, so that you may endure the reign of the Antichrist which will be a living hell on earth! The tempest is soon upon us!

The reign of Christ and the 1000 yrs of peace await those who stay rooted in Jesus Christ, who is the only Way, the Only Truth, and the Only Life! 

Everlasting life in the Kingdom of Christ Jesus 

Ready yourself to receive the Messiah worthily, listen to his heavenly doctrine, and repent with your prayers of reparation!

“King of Kings you lifted up your mother, body and soul, into heaven. Help us to fix our thoughts on things above.

Lord of heaven and earth, you crowned Mary and set her at your right hand as queen, make us worthy to share this glory.


Preparation starts with Reparation 

Prepare and repair your sinful nature

Ask forgiveness, and forgive others

Praise and glorify the God and King of the Universe 

You are born in his image!

Act like it! 

Humbly accept your nothingness and recognize with humility the great grace and the divine love that has been given you! 

Seek the Father and his forgiveness!

He longs to pour his Love and Grace upon you, but you must first seek his mercy

Turn away from evil and seek only the Holy Face of Christ Jesus now!


The severity of the chastisement during the reign of the Antichrist will depend on your voluntary vote for “life” or for “death” in the coming election! 

You will receive his Justice or his Mercy! 


My role is to help you see clearly the past, and give you a glimpse of the future, so as to prepare you!



Marian Movement of Priests Locutions of Father Stefano Gobbi #510 “Open Your Hearts to Hope” 1/1/1994. Solemnity of Mary

Open your hearts to hope, because the moment has come when your heavenly Mother will manifest herself in all her power.

I am the dawn which precedes the great day of the Lord. I am the voice which becomes strong in these times, in order to spread my prophetic announcement in every part of the earth: prepare yourselves, one and all, to receive my Son Jesus, who is even now about to return among you, on the clouds of heaven, in the splendor of his glory.”  MMP#510(t,u) 

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