A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Rhythmic Flow of the Eternal Spirit​

I pray to the rhythmic flow of the eternal spirit

Please break these chains that bind


Call to witness the face of God

(Ps 42:1-2)

Selfless and unworthy

Worldless and free I fly unto thee

With the rhythmic flow of the eternal spirit

Love from the summit of my soul

my enlightened intellect overflow

Into the hearts of many

Oh spirit supreme inside my faith

Inside my love, from heavens gate

Show me courage show me fear

Show me mercy Gods own tear

Fluid movements I connect the dots

From time to eternity that many forgot of my own free will I hope and Pray

To take what I am given and give it away

And With this Triune God I move and speak

In the Rhythmic flow of the eternal spirit

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